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Montlake Sportsmens Club Range Information and Pricing



Montlake Sportsmens Club provides hunters, recreational shooters and serious professional/ competitive shooters of all skill levels with handgun, tactical shotgun, carbine, rim-fire and center-fire rifles at a multitude of distances for tactical, bench rest, silhouette, and long-range precision rifle shooting to distances out to 250 yards. We also offer a walk through 3D archery course. Whether you are new to shooting, seeking a training, a seasoned professional or competitive shooter looking for a great place to train we are the place for you. The staff welcomes you and your family for a safe and enjoyable shooting experience at one of the south's most exceptional shooting facilities.


Montlake Sportsmens Club  is open to members only from 9:00am until dusk, seven days a week (unless closed for maintenance and/or holidays). There is a one-time $30 application fee which is due upon submission of your application. All applicants undergo a criminal and civil background check. Once approved, the annual membership cost is $300 per year for an individual and $75 per family member (spouse and/or children over the age of 8 and under the age of 21 still living in your household). Each member will be required to attend a short introduction session (30 minutes max) to go over all rules for the range and make sure you understand all that is available to you. Once approved, members are issued a custom identification card for gate and building access to the property and grounds.



Once approved, members are issued a custom identification card for gate and building access to the property and grounds. Adult Members may bring three guests per year (there is a $10.00 guest fee). Members are responsible for complete supervision of their guest and members are also required to check in their guest and pick up a guest pass. Members must keep their name tag visible at all times while on the grounds, guests will be required to have their guest pass visible as well.


Montlake Sportsmens Club Rules

NO gun cases allowed!


*If your gun is out of your car it is to be empty with action open, NO clip, and must have chamber flag, NO cases in the club house.


Plinking Range

-Chamber flag must be in all guns and cannot be removed until in

position and ready to load

-Keep guns pointed down range at all times

-NO shooting anything on the ground

-NO going down range EVER

-.22 Rim fire only NO hand guns on Plinking Range

-NO 50 round magazines

-NO .22 magnums allowed on Plinking Range

(you can use them on Rifle Range)

-NO 17 HMR (you can use them on Rifle Range)

pistol bays

-If holstering your gun, it must be empty and clip/magazine removed until

you are in the bay

-NO bottleneck cartridges of any caliber

-Must be in bay before loading

-NO shooting anything on the ground

-NO shooting steel closer than 10 yard marker

-Steel targets are ONLY for handguns, pistols and shotguns

(shotgun shells MUST be: 7 1/2, 8 or 9 shot and can only be lead, NO steel shot)

-NO steel core rounds shot at steel targets paper only)

**check ammo with a magnet

rifle range

-Chamber flag must be in and cannot be removed until in position and ready to load

-NO fully auto's of any kind!

-NO caliber larger than 338 Lapua EVER

-NO handguns/pistols on Rifle range

-NO shooting steel closer than 100 yards

-NO steel core shot at steel (must shoot paper only)

-NO shooting into berms opposite of road, shoot only into designated rifle berms

-Chamber flags must be in and action open when range is cold (when anyone is down range checking/changing targets)

*NO working on or handling guns when range is cold!*


-NO broad heads (field points only)

-Shoot only in designated stations






Tactical Shotgun

-Only "lead shot" (NO steel shot)

-Nothing larger then 2 3/4 inch!

7 1/2, 8 or 9 shot ONLY

These rules apply to ALL shotgun sports!

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